Posted by: Admin | March 29, 2010

If It Seems Too Good To Be True….

Maybe it is……..

If you’re a regular reader you may have popped over to my blog wondering what on earth has happened to me.

And, if it seems I’ve fallen off the planet… well, I’ll be honest, I feel like I’ve fallen off the planet.  It’s been an insane few weeks for us.

I mentioned a while back that hubby & I had some exciting stuff brewing and that I couldn’t really share any details about it.  Well, while I still can’t share all the details, what I can tell you is that we had the opportunity to be involved in filming a new HGTV show.  This new show will begin airing in April and one episode will feature us renovating a room in our house.

The amount of time & planning that was required from us for this show was tremendous (about 2 weeks leading up to it and actual filming took 5 full days).  It’s reality TV at it’s best.  They created circumstances that pushed us up to, and beyond our limits.  Barely any sleep, an absurd amount of stress, a few tears and some friendly competition.  All in all, it’s a recipe for great TV.  It features people who are tired and cranky and people who have barely slept and are learning new skills (and sometimes failing miserably).  All so the viewers can get a glimpse into how stressful home renovations can truly be.

When we first started the process we were willing to take on anything.  After all, we were going to get a free renovation.  We were willing to bare our souls on TV, we were willing to sacrifice sleep, we were willing to provide enough footage to be portrayed in any way they choose when the show does finally come out.  Who knows how good (or bad) we’ll actually seem on TV… since I truly did go through every imaginable emotion on camera.

So, was it all worth it?  Now that I’m about 5 days out from it I have better perspective, I’d probably say “Yes”.  If you’d asked me the day the film crew left I would have answered a resounding “NO!”.  But, as I sit in my fantastic new room…  A room that we designed and a room we literally put our blood, sweat & tears into,  I can say that I’m truly proud of what we accomplished.  I love the outcome and I’m amazed at what we were able to create in only 3 days.

I’ll admit, I feel like I need to sleep for a month to catch up.  And, the condition of the rest of my house after it was all said and done, made me want to cry all over again (If you’ve ever done a major renovation you know that dust somehow gets EVERYWHERE and dirty footprints track crap into every nook & cranny).  But, we’ve slowly put our lives back together and vacuumed the carpets and washed the counters.  They’re small steps back towards reality but we’re making them….. s l o w l y.

So, was it too good to be true?  Well, if you believe that you can truly withstand anything for 3 days and you live life looking at the positive, then No, it was not too good to be true.  In addition to a new room that we love, there are many other positive things that came out of this experience.

  • We learned a variety of new skills
  • We made some new friends
  • We accomplished something that we’d never dream of trying under other circumstances
  • We challenged ourselves
  • And… I can’t remember the last time I felt this close to my husband.  It was an amazing bonding experience!

Ok, sorry again that I’ve disappeared for so long….. but now I’m going back to sleep for a week or so!


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