Posted by: Admin | April 16, 2010


Spam is interesting… and no, I don’t mean that mysterious meat-like substance that comes in a can (which, just for the record in pretty interesting in and of itself).

I mean the kind of spam that hits my blog on a daily basis.

You may know, if you’re a regular reader, that I don’t post as much as I used to.  My life has become incredibly busy and although I try very hard to find free time to write a post, there are some days (and lately some weeks) where I just can’t get it onto my schedule.  It’s on these weeks that spam makes me laugh the most.  Today is a good example of that.

You see, if I’m away from the blog for a while, when I log on, my spam comment folder is filled with interesting/crazy junk comments. 

  • There are comments about great places buy shoes. 
  • There are postings about acai, super fruit juices
  • There are numerous “people” telling me what an informative post it was … (and this is most often a comment on a post where I wrote about my broken coffee machine – yeah, real informative!!)
  • Then there are the comments that tell me that I’ve been added to their RSS feed and that they’ve become subscribers to my blog.. which I obviously know is not the case.

As I’m sure you can understand, many of these comments are riddled with misspellings and FILLED with back links to God only knows what on other websites.

As a blogger, comments are that sought after, elusive reward for the time you put into journaling for the internet world.   They get me excited and make me feel good.  I get a little rush every single time I log on and see that I have confirmation that someone other than my husband & my close relatives are actually reading.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I blog just as much for myself as I do for all of you.  And, without this unemployment blog I may have gone crazy while I was not working.  So, it was therapeutic and necessary to keep my sanity.  But I’ll admit it’s cool to know other people are reading… and the only good way to know it, is to see it in your comments.

Anyway… back to all my spam.  Thank you WordPress for a pretty damn amazing spam blocker.  Most of these comments never do make it to you (the readers).  They are caught in a spam folder and I’m amazed at how WordPress actually knows the difference between a “real” comment and the crap that I get regularly.  However sometimes it does filter out some real comments so I always go through the folder hoping to find a “real” comment to send back to the post.  Today, when I logged on there were a little over 20 comments in the spam folder.   And, every single one of them was indeed garbage. 

It’s kind of sad to me that there are that many people out there writing programs to try to sabotage  my posts to dupe blog readers into clicking crappy advertising links directing you to buy Viagra or new shoes.   But, in the age of the internet where you can’t register your blog for a “Do Not Spam” list (wouldn’t that be cool??!).  I’ll just continue to sort through all this crap and chuckle to myself as I hit delete!



  1. Yep, it is no different than getting a spam email claiming there is a job position for you and it turns out it isn’t true. I get so much like that. Yeah, hit me when I am down.

    Sure sounds like things have really picked up for you. That is so great. I have been lucky to land a 6 month contract position with the government. I only wish it could be permanent. I really like it there and the people. It is a long, drawn out process to get hired, I have heard, but at least I am able to get my foot in the door this way. So, in October when this position ends, I will be back on good ol’ unemployment! At least it will still fall on my former employer and I will get the same weekly amount I was getting before. If it fell on this job, I would be in trouble!! I would get way less. I wouldn’t even be able to cover my rent or bills.

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