Posted by: Admin | April 29, 2010

A meeting about that meeting??

Ugggghhhhhhh.. I’m just plain tired.

Not like the tired from boredom when I was unemployed.. but the tired from working nonstop and having to actually think.

As I mentioned about a week ago, I had to go away for business meetings.  Here’s just a glimpse of my calendar over the last week or so.

Monday:  Wake up at 3:30am to catch a flight.. meetings start at 1:00pm and end after dinner (approx 10:30pm)

Tuesday:  Meetings start at 7:30am and end after an off-site dinner (bus brought us back to the hotel at 11:00pm)

Wednesday:  Meetings start at 8:00am and end after another off-site dinner (bus returns to the hotel at 11:30pm)

Thursday:  Meetings start at 7:00am and end at 4:30pm (bus takes us to the airport for a flight home at 8:00pm)

As with many flights these days… our was delayed and I didn’t actually get back to my house until 1:30am

(are you exhausted yet… cause I am???)


Now, for a wonderful example of corporate America:


During these national meetings with our entire team, my boss decides that he’d like to have a local team meeting on the Friday we return home!

So, I need to be at our local office (which is actually over an hour away from where I live) at 9:00am on Friday.

AND (hang on… I’m not done yet!) as if that’s not enough…..

Our regional boss decides that he’d like to have a regional team meeting on Monday of this week.

YES, you’ve read that correctly.

4 days of meetings with the entire national team….. followed by

1 full meeting day with our local team…. followed by

1 full meeting day with our regional team.

One might wonder why on earth anyone would need to have 6 straight days of meetings.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all of these secondary meetings were to discuss the previous meetings….Of course. .. Well Duh!

Isn’t that the age old comedic trap that companies fall into…. The excess of meetings to discuss meetings??? 

And.. here I am living through it!

My only question is…. When exactly am I supposed to get any work done?  🙂


  1. Thank you for the reminder of why I am still so happy to have left corporate America.

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