Posted by: Admin | June 4, 2010

Time Flies

Wow… I just looked at the date of my last post and it was over a month ago.  I actually missed the entire month of May.  I have to admit, that I have no idea how that happened.

I have tons of things that I want to blog about.  I even keep myself a running list of topics and I’ve added to the list all last month but I just couldn’t find the time. 

Returning to work has been it’s own interesting journey.  As you may know, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, I went from unemployment to 2 jobs.  My “real” job which is a M-F full time job (one that does occasionally spill over to weekends & evenings) PLUS, my real estate job which is completely done in the evening or on weekends.  So, I have found it difficult to fit in very much personal time into my life.  And, as you can see, this blog has suffered the consequences.

I also find it somewhat hypocritical that I’m still maintaining a blog about “unemployment” and “leisure time” when I’m no longer unemployed and the concept of leisure time is a distant memory.  I almost wish it was easy to change the name of my blog.  I don’t want to remove all my history, since there are still millions of people out of work (and people are still losing jobs today). I want them to be able to read through my unemployment journey and hopefully chuckle or smirk a few times, and I want them to know they are not alone with their feelings.  BEING UNEMPLOYED SUCKS!  Plain & simple.

I’ve often thought .. hmmmm.. if I did change the name of my blog what might be some possible new names be.  And, here are some ideas that popped into my head today.  And, for all I know, I’m “stealing” someone else’s blog name – because I haven’t actually googled any of these!

Overworkedandunderpaid   (although I’m sure there are plenty of sites dedicated to this topic)

Mynewmuffintop    (ok, the muffin top isn’t exactly new.. but it appears that it’s here to stay since I haven’t done any exercise and I had to buy new work clothes to accommodate my spilling over belly)

Randomshitthatpopsintomyhead   (this is probably the most accurate since most of what I write about lately is whatever happens to be on my mind that day… whether it’s craziness, ranting or random observations it seems to make it’s way into this blog)

Missingunemployment   (ok.. this is a tricky one because I do NOT want to be unemployed again.. but there’s something to be said about controlling all of your own time.  Even though I struggled with motivation and quite possibly depression when I was without a job, I do have days where I wish I’d decided to take my life down a different path that allowed me the freedom & time to blog if I want to blog.  I suppose what I miss most is the free time)


On any given day, I fantasize about writing full time.  Now, I’m not one of those people who dreams of writing the next award winning novel.  I’d rather just write anecdotal humor and my own personal musings that make people laugh.  That’s the outlet that my blogs have provided for me.. and it’s incredibly frustrating that I struggle now to fit in time to write.

Anyhow, I can’t make any promises but I do have list ever-growing list of topics to blog about and I’m going to try my damndest.. to blog more regularly.

My question for you today… if there’s even anyone still out there reading this blog….. is:

If you could create a blog/story/journal about your life (even if you already have one)… and you could give it any name you’d like.. what would you call it??





  1. Hello! I was searching for other “Unemployed Bloggers” and came across yours in my search. Glad to see that you found some work. I just started my blog and will hopefully chronicle my new career.

  2. I am glad that you are able to find a little time to keep up this blog. It has been awhile since I have been here since I have been working a contract position (geez, at least I finally found something!!) and am always tired when I get home. I will once again be unemployed in October when this position is over. I had to cash out my IRA just to make ends meet and my rent is going up!! YAY for me. I am going to manage to get by and hopefully some day (I am always saying that) I will find a permanent job. Still searching. If I were to have a blog, I might call it “Jobless, But Not Giving Up Hope.”

  3. I’d call it the: “No, it’s not ‘fun’ to be unemployed” blog. Seriously, people tell me, “I’m jealous of you. I wish I could sit at home all day.” No, it’s definitely not “fun.” I sit and job hunt and *I admit,* feel depressed and sorry for myself. And it’s not like we have the extra money right now for me to be going off and getting massages or pedicures with my free time.

    That’s why I love this blog so much. It gives me a place where people understand my situation. Thanks, admin!!!

    • Ohhhh… SMB, hang in there. I remember those comments vividly. “I wish I could have a free summer”. “Wow, you must love having all this free time”. ” You’re lucky that you don’t have to get up and go to work every day!”.

      Lucky??? My days were filled with nothing but self-doubt, anxiety, stress & sometimes depression. I think that’s far from feeling “lucky”.

      It is interesting though because when I think back on it, there are things I miss about it. Weird huh? Since I’d never, ever wish it on anyone and while I lived it, it sucked EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I think this topic might actually be worthy of my next post! (and, I haven’t forgotten about your request to hear more about my transition back to the working world…. )

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