Posted by: Admin | August 23, 2010


Just for the record, I’ve had half of this post written for weeks.. just sitting on my computer calling out to me every day or so…..”please, oh please come back and finish me so you can post me on the blog”.  “yeah, yeah” I’d say.. “I’m friggin’ busy.. I’ll get to you when I can….”

Ok, yes, I’ve been completely slack about updating this blog.  It’s not cause I have nothing to say, it’s just that this summer has been filled with too much work, sprinkled with too many bbqs all topped off with a yard sale, many family visits and oh yeah, did I mention work??   It sure is a stark comparison to last summer where I laid around all day waiting for the phone to ring.  But, I guess one of the biggest differences this summer has also been the weather.  You may recall some of my posts from while I was laid off complaining about one of the worst summers on record in Jersey.

Well, it would figure that the summer when I had no job was nothing but rain and this summer, when I have 2 jobs, has been pretty sunny.  Not just sunny but unbelievably hot.  So hot in fact, that my electric bill just last month was a whopping $773 …. Yes, you read that correctly.  And, yes I almost passed out, threw up and cried – all simultaneously (which is no small feat) when I opened the bill.  THANK GOD I have a job this year.  Or, my dear hubby & I would have been pushing each other aside to get the seat near the window in hopes that a cool breeze would blow through our hotter than hell home.  But alas, I do have a job and we have been running our air conditioner for as long as I can remember this summer.    

Anyhow, trying to maintain 2 blogs has just been really challenging.  If you’ve been a regular reader for any length of time you probably know that I’m still trying very hard to maintain a somewhat regular blogging schedule at The Hubby Diaries.  I’ve just been challenged to find time to write posts for both.

A while ago I realized that I was way too stressed.  Trying to juggle 2 jobs (including real estate) and 2 blogs was really taking a toll.  So, instead of scaling back my life (although, I’m sure you could argue that I did scale back since it’s been over 2 months since I’ve posted here) I decided what I needed was a few Yoga classes to de-stress and re-energize.

So, a friend and I signed up for an “adult education” yoga class at a local high school.  When we arrived on the first night we were greeted by the yoga instructor.  If first impressions are anything, we were somewhat taken aback by our new instructor.  He was like 90 years old (ok, maybe 80 – but he didn’t wear these years well) and he had this very coarse voice.  However, when he did relaxation exercises his voice was very sing-songy (this was an odd contrast).  He also wasn’t actually very limber or flexible and as he walked us through different yoga stances, his brittle bones and aged muscles couldn’t quite demonstrate what each pose should look like.   He was anything but the normal picture you have in your head of a yoga instructor.  I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much from an evening class at the local HS, but what I hadn’t bargained for was pure comedy.

After an hour or so of stretching and yoga poses we ended each session with relaxation exercises.  This is the part of the class where you are supposed to let everything go and meditate a bit.  However, in his sing-songy raspy voice he would walk us through each part of our bodies, in unintended comedy.  It would go something like this..

Relax your toes

And your feet

And your ankles, lower legs & calves.

Relax your thighs

And your inner thighs

And your hips, and butt and nether region. (yes, my nether region…..)


Then he would sing (think raspy voice and hold each syllable for an unusually long time)….. R-EEEEEEEE-L-AAAAAAAAA-XXXXXXXXXXXXX


Relax your lower back

Your upper back, your shoulders

Your inner organs – liver, kidneys, lungs (I’m still trying to master how to relax my liver …..)




Relax your face,

Your eyebrows

The space between your eyebrows

Relax your forehead

Your head

And all your scalp muscles (my scalp muscles hmmmmm…….isn’t my scalp –by definition- just the skin that covers my head)




Now, bear in mind, I’m just giving you an overview here… this relaxation session went on for a pretty long time and I’ve left out a number of areas of my body.  But, I have to say that listening to him tell me to relax my liver, the “space in between my eyebrows” & my nether regions was enough to make me start to giggle in class.  I was so focused on the next odd thing that was going to come out of his mouth I had completely forgotten the purpose of this part of class.  Which of course, was to focus on myself and letting go of the stress throughout my body.  And, when I peeked over at my friend I could she that she too was giggling.

So each week, we went back to class for a bit of stretching, some de-stressing and about a 30 minute comedy routine.  This poor old guy didn’t realize that his well-intended meditative session made us laugh every-single-time we went to class.

Needless to say… I’m still looking for a new place to do yoga!



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