Posted by: Admin | March 29, 2011

No Problem ‘Mon’ (or is it?)

Ok, so I haven’t posted here in a LONG time but I left the blog up and running for 2 reasons.  

  1. I know that many people are still struggling with unemployment and they sometimes stumble on this blog.   I’m always hopeful that it might provide them with a little levity and that it may help them to deal with their crappy circumstances
  2. I knew I’d need a place to come and occasionally vent about every-day annoyances.

So here goes….. (for all 2 of you who still might be subscribed to this blog!)


What the heck is wrong with you??

The Afternoon Chef Parade

Hubby & I just returned from a vacation in Mexico.  We stayed at a beautiful resort with amazing service.  Seriously, we couldn’t want for more.  It was all inclusive, 24 hour room service, mini bar, swim up pool bar, frozen cocktails, cocktails served in fresh coconuts,  .  There was even a parade of waiters through the pool area every day at 4:00 hand delivering an afternoon snack to you while you lazily lounge in the sun.

When you’re in an environment where people are waiting on you hand and foot, where you can barely drink the last sip of your cerveza before they are bringing you another one, where people are constantly smiling at you and saying hello,  HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE RUDE?

So, let me start with my first example –  before we actually arrived in Mexico.

Selfish Douchebag: As we are waiting to board the plane, and we hear the gate attendant stop a family of 4 (husband, wife and two adorable little girls).  She says to the man. “Mr So & So, we do actually have an upgrade available but it’s only one seat… do you still want it?”.  With ZERO hesitation the mans replies “Yes”.  And then he proceeds to send his wife onto the plane with their 2 kids to take their seats in coach, while he waits for them to print him a new boarding pass.  Yes, he abandoned his family, on the family vacation, to sit in first class while his wife cared for both kids, by herself, back in coach.  During the flight this man could be seen eating warm chocolate chips cookies as his girls sat pretzel-less in the back of the plane.  You Sir, are an ASS!

Ok, so we were still in the Tri State area and I have to be honest, while I think that guy was a complete jerk… I’m not all that shocked when I see rude or selfish behavior locally.  So, we head off to sunny Mexico.  Surely people who in a relaxed setting and are pulled away from their daily stressors will be smiling more, happier and in general, just simply nicer.  But alas, I was wrong………

Pool Primadona: As with most resorts, there’s a cabana set up to get pool towels.  You trade in your pool card and they give you freshly washed towels for the day.  Everyone walks to the towel cabana before they choose their lounge chairs.   Everyone that is, except the Pool Primadona.  She likes to grab herself a lounge chair and then call over one of the cocktail waiters to request that they retrieve a pool towel for her.   And, since everyone at the resort is incredibly accommodating, he actually puts down his drink tray and goes to get her a towel.   Ok, rude girl…. it’s obvious that you feel you are better than everyone else at the pool… I hope you get horrible sun burn!

Bitchy Diner: It bears importance to re-mention that this resort was all-inclusive.  There were 4 restaurant options, no reservations necessary and you could order just about anything you wanted.  On our last night we heard a woman ask for the manager’s name as she left the restaurant and declared she’d be “complaining”.  Shortly afterwards we heard her at the front desk bitching up storm because she was served the “wrong” wine at dinner.  Uhhhhmmmmm… did you forget that it’s ALL-INCLUSIVE?  You can order as many bottles/glasses of wine as you can possibly consume.  Who the F cares if you were given the wrong wine?  Order more wine, and more wine, and more wine, until you find one you want!!  For God’s sake, she could have ordered 10 entrees and only eaten 1 bite of each if she really wanted to BUT, she needed to be rude to the restaurant staff and she needed to complain to the front desk about getting the “wrong wine”.   Gives a whole different meaning to the word “wine”  or is it “whine”?????

Lounge Crowder:  This one personally impacted us and for the life of me I just don’t understand.  Hubby & I had been set up by the pool for hours… we decided it was time for a swim to cool off.  When we return to our chairs, we find that another vacationer has moved her lounge chair so close to ours that I can no longer lean mine all the way down for fear that I’ll have my head in her lap.  I’m not sure if she was trying to use my body as a sunshade or if she was interested in reading my book over my shoulder but Holy God lady, find your own space!!!  It’s one thing to stand too close to me on the subway because it’s filled with people but at a resort with lounge chairs all over the place why must you lie on top of me???

Anyhoooo…. I’m just amazed out how crappy people can be.  And, it gave me an excuse to pop back over here for a post!

There are tons of people out there dealing with REAL problems.  Unemployment, financial challenges, illness and these people, who were all enjoying a beautiful vacation, couldn’t even mellow out enough to smile, enjoy themselves and offer the common courtesy of respect to those around them.   I just don’t get it!


If you’ve been subscribed for a while and you haven’t migrated over to my other blog…. please drop me a line to let me know how you’ve been doing.   Hopefully, if you were unemployed when you started reading this blog, you now have a success story about being gainfully employed!!


  1. I was thrilled to see a recent post from you. I haven’t been here for awhile, but just decided to pop over today to see if anything new had come about.

    Wow, despite the rude people, it sure sounds like you had a great getaway. So lucky. I wish I was able to get away from my humdrum life. Nothing has changed with me. Still unemployed and it is going on a year and eight months. I have had a few interviews, but no offers. I don’t see anything improving out there at all. My lease on my apartment is up at the end of September and I shall be homeless then. I have nowhere to go. I am going to start getting rid of a bunch of my belongings, things that I have worked very hard to get over the years, but I can’t lug them with me and pack them in my car, which will be my home. I never knew that life would go this way. I feel bad for all of those who are still unable to find a job and feel as if life is leaving them behind.

    Also, just before Christmas, I lost my best friend to a heartattack. He had only turned 44 a month before. Two days after Christmas, I lost my 17 1/2 year old cat from kidney failure and then my dad was diagnosed with cancer and it has spread to his bones. It has been a very rough road. Sorry for being such a downer, I feel like giving up.

    • Ohhh…. Stevie,

      Your comment has me so sad. I was hopeful that anyone who used to read my blog would find themself in a far better place than when I was writing regularly. But, it certainly sounds like your life has been anything but easy recently. I can’t begin to express how sorry I am to hear how much you’ve been through. As if it’s not bad enough to continue to try to manage through unemployment, I can’t imagine how difficult the beginning of this year must have been for you. I’d like to give you those trite comments about how things will get better and to try to stay positive but I realize those are just words and that your circumstances must be weighing incredibly heavy on you. All I can say is that you will eventually reach a place in your life where you can look back and say… “I’m happy that I made it through that tough time. And, I’m actually stronger for it”.

      I’m not sure what kind of work you do (or where you live even). But, have you contacted any recruitment agencies? My greatest successes when I was job hunting were through networking and headhunters. I had ZERO success with on line job applications and postings. This strategy works even better if you have experience in a specific industry as many recruiters specialize and know about job openings that never even make it on line.

      Please don’t even consider giving up. Surround yourself with people you are close to.. that’s what friends are for… to prop you up when you need support. And, if you EVER just need to vent, please email me directly (you can do so through the “about me” page of either this blog or my other blog While my life is too busy to write here regularly I try to get up a post or 2 at the other blog each week!

      I will say, that it was good to hear from you…. and please keep in touch! I look forward to a “virtual” celebration with you when you get some good news!!!

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