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UPDATED:  After 210 days of unemployment I finally have a new job!!  You can read about this wonderful day HERE.  I will continue to blog although, the topics may vary a bit more now that I’m finally gainfully employed. 

I’ve left my original “About Me” overview below since I know that there are still many, many people out there who continue to struggle with unemployment and, unfortunately there are new members of the club every day.   If you are newly unemployed, please know you are not alone and everything you are experiencing is normal (and I’ve probably blogged about it in at least one of my posts).  Hang in there… it really will get better.

Additionally, I am still blogging at The Hubby Diaries.    Since my hubby provides me with so many funny “married moments” that kept wanting to work their way into this blog.  I created a completely new blog about the entertaining and, oftentimes frustrating, differences between men & women.   Please stop by and visit me here:  The Hubby Diaries


MY ORIGINAL “ABOUT ME” (written right after I lost my job…)


Like many others out there, I was laid off in June of 2009. I found myself, in quite a predicament…. as a self-proclaimed workaholic, I was all of a sudden thrust into the world of Leisure.. oh my!  How does someone who viewed the mere mention of a “hobby” as a dirty word, find her way through the intimidating, unknown world of free time?  It’s just simply not possible to job hunt 24/7 and although I spend a ton of time looking for new employment.. I have to be honest, there’s an awful lot of downtime!

I’m in my late 30s, married with a dog and living in NJ.  I’m generally pretty busy and like to fill my downtime with never-ending “tasks” (much to the dismay of my husband).  I have a small amount of OCD which makes relaxing rather difficult, so finding myself unemployed has really forced me to step back, try to learn to relax and look for ways to “enjoy” myself.  I’ve entered into what I like to call, my state of “Active Leisure”..  The “active” part is both physical & mental!

As you’ll see in this blog, this has not been an easy task. I waiver between spending all day in my “pajamattire”, eating snacks and thinking about things I could be doing, to tackling those projects that have been on our long term to-do list like sheet rocking, spackling & painting a room in our basement. I have yet to find the proper balance and I can imagine that there are many other people out there who may be struggling with this too.

This blog has not only been a way to offer some comedy & levity to my otherwise crappy situation but, by sharing my day-to-day challenges with other people, it’s actually become somewhat therapeutic for me.  And, I’ve been forced to recognize that I truly am more than just my job…..

I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback…



  1. a “small amount” OCD?????

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