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With the unemployment rate at 9.4% I often wonder, where are all these unfortunate folks? What are they doing, and how are they spending their time? There are only so many hours in a day, and days in a week, that a person can spend endlessly job hunting….

Many jobless souls have turned to the web to share our stories with others. There is a bond that forms quickly when a group of people share a common misfortune. There’s nothing more comforting than sharing your struggles & challenges with other people who can relate to you. People who are in your shoes or, wearing the same pajamas, so to speak.

A “laycation” forces many people into unchartered territory. A world filled with sleeplessness, internet surfing, tv watching, overeating & pajama wearing days. Motivation can be at an all time low and your self esteem can be down in the dumps after you send out countless resumes that seemingly disappear into no man’s land. In my personal attempts to enjoy some “Active Leisure” I have turned to the internet to share my day-to-day observations, and to fight to keep myself mentally active. This journey has taken me to the underbelly of the unemployed… where interestingly enough, I found countless other people, just like me, working their way through their excess of free time.

Blogging has become my sanity… A reason to focus my thoughts. A way to share my frustrations and know that I’m not alone. The number of “unemployment blogs” are significant and each one gives you but a glimpse into the life of a professional who wants nothing more than to be gainfully employed. Some blogs share career tips & job hunting advice and some are just mere attempts at delivering a moment of humor into an otherwise overwhelming and unfortunate circumstance.

Please share your own unemployment stories or your perhaps examples of how you are spending your time. Sometimes it just helps to know that you are not the only one!

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  1. I worked for an insurance agency for five years and had a great boss, always got great reviews, raises and bonuses. Then last year the agency hit hard times and was sold. My boss retired and management took other positions so new management could take over. I was kicked out September 2009. My boss, that took me on after my other one retired, fought hard to keep me on, but no one listened to her. She kept hugging me and apologizing on my last day. She felt so bad. I have not been able to find anything since, but I keep applying online, keep contacting recruiters, keep mailing out my resume and letters of recommendation. I spend some days going out with friends that have also lost their jobs or with my parents. Then there are times where I don’t feel like doing anything at all or even communicating with anyone – my “oh woe is me” period. I am so use to having a job and have been working over 25 years. I am single, in my early 40’s and I know there are companies who do not want someone my age, especially in the profession that I do (I am, well was an Administrative Assistant and proud of it). I hope and pray that I and everyone else out there who is jobless find something next year. 2010 has to be better (wishful thinking).

    • Stevie ~ Thanks for sharing your story. I certainly know how you feel and I’ve had those “woe is me” days (probably far too many). It’s amazing how severe the moods can be depending on how you wake up in the morning. I wish you the best of luck in your job search… and I do believe that 2010 HAS to be better!! 🙂

      • Thanks. I wish you luck with yours too. I heard there may be an extension of the sunset date until February 2010. I hope I (and you too) have a job by then, but if not, I hope they extend it further than that so I can get the extensions when my 26 weeks are up in the middle of March. I had been hoping they would have at least made it to June 2010. I would have been in a happier mood today if that had been the case. My mom is coming over tomorrow and wants to take me to lunch at Fridays. She and Dad are on SSI and retirement and take care of their two middle-aged daughters in times of crisis (they do it out of the kindness of their ol’ hearts). I feel like a charity case, but I don’t know what I would do without them or my friends that buy me lunch, dinner and keep me in their thoughts and prayers. Bless them all.

  2. I am employed which is a good thing considering my little part- time job that was paying for “little extras” is now our main source of income. My husband has been unemployed for six months. The irony is that we saw it coming, and four months before the lay-off were applying to anything we could find to prevent the situation we are in now! LOL don’t we love how our economy is gettin “better” I guess there really is no way but up from here??? I digress. Hubby has been wonderful around the house making sure kids get to school on time and doing laundry. I have become the spouse the leaves “little presents” around the house in the mornings in my defense, I have to be to work at a gym at 5:00 am and am therefore is zombie mode! I love this bolg and your other blog they are what tend to wake me up in the morning… May we all (employed spouses included) find our way into new jobs.

    • Gina.. thanks for sharing! Glad I can help to “get you going” in the morning. Sometimes writing these blogs is the only thing that gets ME going! I can’t remember the last time I saw 5:00am (unless you count the nights where my unemployment insomnia was horrible and I was tossing and turning at 5:00am!) So, you are officially excused from any presents you may leave around that early! Tell your hubby I said so.. HA! Here’s to better days! 🙂

      • Just after I left this post, my husband got a call from his old job, and they called him back for another tax season!!! Yay hubby! After the celebrations and the relief I noticed I had gotten off track with my own journey. The weight loss journey. To relieve the stress of that and hopefully stay accountable, I started my own blog.

        I thought you might like to visit and maybe read about my journey every once in a while.

        Also, good wishes are headed your way from me here is hoping you have good news in the future!

  3. I finally got tired of the layoff crap about 40 years ago and haven’t had a job since. Since I live in the United States, it’s too easy to make all the money you need by doing your own thing.

  4. I hear ya. I keep myself sane blogging too, in my “Diary of an Ex-employee” series, which you can read here:

    The blog is a place to vent, to laugh, to cry, to keep my crazy.

  5. It’s amazing we all go through the same range of emotions and daily activities. Reading your blogs, your mimics mine. I been layed off since June 12, 2009. Just returned from medical leave with a broken ankle. I had been employed for 29 1/2 years with same company. Our company never had any turnover and had some employees with over 40 years. I had excellent annual reviews, great attendance, and had not been sick for over 16 years for the birth of my son. I never could take all of my vacation time for I was working overtime unlike others who took all of theirs and extra without pay. I always had cost reduction ideas while some of the other employees kept didn’t contribute anything. Why I was let go doesn’t make sense , just the timing of the broken ankle. How I was told hurt the most. Just when I brought back my release to work form from the doctor but I had not been released from his care. I thought it could have been handled more compassion, I have worked in the same office with HR these 29 years and my things were boxed up like I was a criminal. I was told my job got done while I was out on leave even though I reminded them it did with me on the phone with them 4 to 5 hours each day walking them each transaction. I know in years I will look back and this will be blessing , at least I got to spend the summer home with my children

    • Wanda… I’ve heard many stories from people who were treated poorly during the lay off process. It’s amazing that so many companies lose their compassion when they are put in this position. I wish you the best and hopefully you have been able to enjoy your summer!

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